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Turing Machine Cross-Media Production

The Turing Machine Cross Media Experimental Production investigates associational storytelling and interaction structures, while making the patterns of human-machine communication more visible.

Turing Machine is made up of the physical space installation Alan01, Turing Impact digital High Definition short films and the online service Alan Online, that combines the productions and reuses their media assets.

Alan01 interactive installation engages its audience in dialogue with a fictional Alan Turing, as if his consciousness had been coded into a machine at the time of his death. The interactor can "talk" to Alan01 using a system of symbols, which we imagine to have been relevant to Turing's life.

Turing Impact HD short films were produced in the High Definition Professional Training workshop, using the Bones Dailies post-production system throughout the production. The workshop investigated associational storytelling structures for scripting, shooting and editing documentary/fiction on the impact of Alan Turing and the digital computer on contemporary culture.

Alan Online gathers the production parts to one site, is the non-material counterpart of the Alan01 installation. The online version offers a second interface and another aspect to the media content that is shared with the physical installation. The online version also explores the different characteristics of physical media installations and non-material media art.

Visit Alan Online

This video (6 minutes) presents the TAIK Third Phase Experimental Production Turing Machine.

"A Bite" by Virva E Auvinen, Maija Hirvonen, Katri Lassila and Heli Sorjonen. This short film is one of the Turing Impact productions.